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Preview of my book (finally)

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Preview of my book (finally) Empty Preview of my book (finally)

Post  Jonny Bravo on Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:31 pm

I finally got it back and finished editing it. Hope you like it!

Chapter one of the first book of the (planned) The Land Between the Gates trilogy, The Sea of Blood.

Thorogel was uneasy. The air rang with the clang of hammers and the shouts of taskmasters. The air was rank with the smells of sweat, rot, and above all, blood. For this was the Sea of Blood, a swirling ocean in the sky of all the blood ever spilt of every living creature ever slain. It lay at the easternmost edge of the world, and every day at sunset it turned the sunlight red. The barren island on which Thorogel and his fortress stood was a mountain, long hidden by the grotesque veil. The fortress at it’s peak was ancient beyond all reckoning, but stood as strong and resolute as ever over the millennia through which it had lasted.
As his black, leathery wings stretched out behind him, he observed the scene below. It was an army like no other that had existed for three ages, and only two greater would ever come to be. It was incredibly unique in not only it’s size, but also its variation. Humans, dwarves, orcs, skeletons, paladins, sorcerers, dreads, all matter of creature, and even some dragon riders made up his titanic forces. ANd they all worked towards a common goal: saving the world. However, there were no elves, as none would come. He had made a terrible blunder, and not a single elf would join his cause willingly. He never should have blocked the path to the moon, but it was to late now. In addition to the forces upon the mountain, there were a great many more hosts down in the kingdoms that he had taken. Most of them had surrendered, which was what he needed.
But there was a problem. He was currently unable to push any further west. Senidra, Aarilen, the Keldian Empire, and the True Wild formed a powerful barrier. To the southwest in the Sea of Shio-Nagra, the people of the five hundred isles would sooner all die fighting than surrender, and only four clans supported him. All hope would have been lost, were it not for the airships. As soon as he received word that Aarilen was building a navy for the sky, he demanded that a copy for the method for making airships be stolen. Now, his own fleet, far larger than that of Aarilen, was nearly finished being built. The flagship, the Salvation, was only halfway done, however. But it was no matter.
The Salvation was soon to be the greatest ship ever in sea or sky: at a thousand feet long and nearly a hundred tall, crewed by six hundred skeletons, two hundred men, orcs, and dwarves, and two dragon riders. It would also carry more than two hundred cannons, more than was to be had in nearly half the fleet of Aarilen. With it at the head of his fleet, the three kingdoms that had stopped his progress westward would surrender in an instant. The only trouble was the H.M.S. Phoenix, the flagship of Aarilen’s sky fleet. Little was very special about the ship itself. Rather, it was the crew his army had come to fear. Even more than the imperial guard of Keldia, or the King’s Elite in Aarilen. The Phoenix and it’s crew had escaped his clutches far too many times, and he was going end it. Until the crew of the Phoenix was out of the way and the world was his, it would never be safe. But he put those thoughts out of his mind. He would succeed. For he was Thorogel, half-dragon and unchallenged leader of the saviors, and he and his army would save the world.
“My lord!” a man cried, bursting into the chamber. “Another battalion has gone missing!” Thorogel swore silently. It was happening faster than he thought. There was no time to wait; he would have to send the fleet now with the Salvation coming later once it was finished. He dismissed the man, and went to the eastern window. From here he stared at the great gate of the east, and the edge of the world. The gate was incomprehensibly large, miles upon miles tall and wide. He turned away, deep in thought. He would have enough time. He had to.
Jonny Bravo
Jonny Bravo

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Preview of my book (finally) Empty Re: Preview of my book (finally)

Post  Aaron on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:15 am


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