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My story from beginning to end + a request

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My story from beginning to end + a request

Post  Xelaor on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:03 am

Dear fellows,

I see some people returning and lots of goodbyes recently. Goodbye means that I won't hear anything from that person for a long time. It might even be forever. Of course nobody knows what ths very future holds for us. We might actually speak in a few days or a couple of years. The limits of what happens or not lays far ahead.

We met at at Herosmash as we were at the Alpha version of the game. To be honest, it didn't last long before we became our own little community. I always had the feeling we were more likely roleplaying then actually playing the game. Or at least I was.

The time I was at begin 15 years old. My fantasy was huge and I threw it all in the roleplay till the time I got inactive. For a long while I kinda felt guilty getting inactive in the middle of the roleplay, but still I decided to pay a visit once in a while. Survived the inactive member clear that was long time ago.

Right now I'm 19 years old. Formal and studying, being a gamer and a stoner in weekends. Still online, at this very moment i'm writing this in the same little community. My very first small community and the one I'm still in and never really left.
Will I ever leave? Perhaps, when I'm the only tree standing in this dead forest.

With a few small communities I am still in contact. Not at the community itself, these died already, but with the people who shared some personal information. Some are in a whatsapp group. Very inactive, but sometimes with a small talk.
I do have some on Skype also.

My request is simple, as I told before. We never know what the future holds for us, but we can choose to speeden up things a bit. I'd love to have some contact with the people who are going to leave or some who might have left already as they quickly join in.
I will share some information and I hope people will follow.

Skype: Bloxpeter

You people are the first I give my Facebook to, this is because I trust you.
You may either follow me or use it for the chat function. If you have a computer problem (as i'm studying ICT) you can always ask me.

For whatsapp you need my phonenumber. For privacy reasons I will not publish my number in the thread. Just email me your username, Alphaheroes and your number. I will mail you back with mine.
The whatsapp group begun because a surprisingly large amount (well 5, but still) mailed me. If people here also mail me, I will ask permission to add you in the group.

I do not expect this to happen. Still a small Skype group or something already will do Smile

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Re: My story from beginning to end + a request

Post  biterboy on Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:33 pm

Oh geez, man, this, like, made me tear up a bit. I was 11 when I joined and made friends on this site. So strange to think all that time has passed.

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